RETAIL REPORT:CX Solutions & Services Investment Report 2017

RETAIL REPORT:CX Solutions & Services Investment Report 2017

Retail in 2017 is shaping up to deliver a parade of innovative options, widgets, and new players that are designed to wow consumers and drive a sea change in their preferences and expectations.

Online and brick&mortar retailers alike are continuing to compete with eachother, ensuring they stay relevant and competitive. With shifting consumer attitudes and needs, retailers are now forced to rethink, and in some cases to reinvent their channel, product mix and service strategies. This is keeping CX professionals within Retail on their toes.

  • But what specific investments are currently being made to ensure a great CX strategy?
  • How can CX Directors be sure they are utilizing the right partners?

Featuring exclusive insights from CX Leaders and highlighting the key investment plans for the next six to twelve months, this report delves into the critical industry challenges shaping 2017 and beyond!

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