Implementing Multichannel Customer Initiatives in your Organisation to Maximise your In‐Store Experience

Every customer wants a consistent experience that is unique to them, regardless of which channel they choose to use. Combining the instore and online experience can be tricky, but through implementing the correct technology in your stores, you have the opportunity to truly understand how customers make purchasing decisions, and use this to drive customer initiatives, such as click and collect technology
Keith Nesbitt, COO of TM Lewin, takes you through some of the practical approaches TM Lewin have taken to combine a multichannel approach with the overall instore experience.

Interview: Seth Ellison, President, Levi's

One of the key challenges CX professionals face is building the best business case to present to the board. As President of Levi's Europe, Seth takes you through exactly what he expects his teams to bring to him when asking for investment into CX initiatives. 

Looking Ahead: What Retail Needs to Learn from Luxury

Markus (former Global Marketing Director at Aston Martin) discussed how an organisation like Aston Martin maintains customer centricity and how they deliver on the high expectations of the customer. Data also plays an increasingly important role in customer experience and the challenges of deriving meaningful insight from the vast sea of data we now have access to.

Interview: Marko Hein, Senior Director, Digital Solutions, Lego

In this exclusive interview Marko talks about delivering a fantastic experience for its consumers in the online world, and reflecting the brand values of a well loved organization through digital means

Interview: Jean Marc Codsi, VP Global Custoner Experience, eBay

In this exclusive interview Jean-Marc talks about the importance of building trust in an organization such as eBay and why honesty is always the best policy with customers.

What is Customer Experience?

What is Customer Experience?

Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organisations ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty, accountability & ROI, social media and customer centricity.

Interview: Sarah Curran, Luxury Director, Shop Direct

In this insightful interview, Sarah talks through the important characteristics of building an online store, and how to effectively map the customer journey online.